Connecting Dubai Cares with Ashoka’s Fellows

On Mon 28th and Tues 29th July 2008, Ashoka’s staff and interns accompanied Dubai Cares to visit four of Ashoka Egypt’s fellows- Maher Bushra, Magdy Aziz, Sameh Seif and Seham Ibrahim. The group visited the schools and offices the fellows work at and watched their documentary films. The site visits were very successful, and Ashoka would like to thank Dubai Cares for their interest in the work of our fellows.

Maher Bushra was elected as an Ashoka fellow in 2004 for his work on fighting to establish legal, social and economic protections for the neglected quarry workers, many whom are children. Many die every year from toxic fumes that lead to solidified lungs or getting their clothing caught in the machines. Please take a minute to watch his organization’s documentary film:

Dubai Cares initiative was launched on September 19th, 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Its mission is to mobilize Dubai’s multicultural community in driving global sustainable development through philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. Last year Dubai Cares raised AED 3.4 billion (US$926 million) and provided 3 million children with primary education, which exceeded its target goal. This year’s Dubai Cares program will focus on volunteerism and the impact that volunteering has on the lives of other people.

These past two days have shown me the value of Ashoka. For me, Ashoka acts as a well-known and reliable international organization that rigorously identifies leading local social entrepreneurs. As a result, other organizations, such as Dubai Cares, can reduce its efforts for seeking promising local CSOs to support and send volunteers to. Furthermore, through Ashoka, Ashoka’s fellows can gain more access to financial support, media coverage and connection with other CSOs. The works of Ashoka’s fellows were mindblowing and their passion was contagious, please take a few minutes to watch their documentary films so that you can also gain a glimpse of the work they are doing.


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