Comprehensive community development in Al Sheikh Yaqub

Fellow Sameh Seif is taking the concept of community development to a whole new level with his current project “Ro’ya”, in which he is rebuilding the entire village of Al-Sheikh Yaqub, located in the Egyptian governorate of Beni Suef, from scratch! This massive achievement includes the construction of new homes (and the reconstructing of existing homes), using more sustainable clay bricks. The biggest feat of the project is the installation of environmentally-friendly toilets in every house. These toilets are a part of Sameh’s development of a low-cost, community appropriate sewage system; which will improve the general health, quality of life and environment for the inhabitants of Al-Sheikh Yaqub. Other ways by which Sameh is significantly improving life in the village are through various additional projects; granting loans to female breadwinners, offering professional training to young people, building a computer center, a bakery, a medical center, and setting up a community services organization.


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