Hany El Miniawy wins 2008 Tech Award

Hany El-Miniawy, an Ashoka Fellow working in civic engagement, has been featured in online magazine FLYP‘s most recent issue in an article entitled “High-Tech Humanitarianism.” The Tech Museum of Innovation, located in San Jose, California, has named El Miniawy a 2008 Katherine M. Swanson Award Laureate for his organization Appropriate Development, Architecture & Planning Technologies (ADAPT) as part of its annual Tech Awards, given to those emplyoing technology to benefit humanity. In one section of the FLYP piece, “Reclaiming Home,” the importance of housing development is emphasized as is the impact of ADAPT to create cost-effective building materials that can be made by local residents. ADAPT has helped create homes for over 200,000 people. El Miniawy attributes this to the increase in awareness of science and technology, stating, “People have their own heritage and knowledge, but it’s missing the science. And that’s what we can all do: bring it back to them for a better life.”

Go here to watch the short video presented at the Tech Awards about Hany El Miniawy.


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