Ashoka’s Million Dollar Challenge!

Google is one of the most innovative for-profit organizations in the world. Ashoka supports the most innovative social entrepreneurs to create social profit. Given these parallels in commitment to innovation, dramatic change and relentless inspiration, the decision of Google co-founders Anne Wojciki and Sergey Brin to invest 1,000,000 USD in Ashoka makes sense.

Only two years ago, Sergey Brin admitted that his philantropic investments would be picked with the utmost due diligence. “I take the philosophical view that, aside from some modest stuff now, I am waiting to do the bulk of my philanthropy later, maybe in a few years, when I feel I’m more educated,” he says. “I don’t think it’s something I have had time to become an expert at.”

Now, Ashoka is challenging others to join these social change leaders and match their donation; inspiring a global movement of social innovation to take force right now.

For more information on how to join this challenge; click here.


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