Arab World Social Innovation Forum Update … and AAW Director Flies to D.C. to meet President Obama!

The 2010 Arab World Social Innovation Forum (AWSIF) is only 3 weeks away!  AWSIF will take place 14 & 15 May, at the Cairo Marriott, EgyptClick to register now.

AWSIF will bring together the business, social, academic, and policy leaders of the Arab World.  Together, we will celebrate, discuss, and advance the agenda of social change and innovation in the Arab World.  Our confirmed guests of honor include:

During the Forum’s first day, attendees will have the opportunity to meet our guests of honor and VIPs over cocktails and dinner.  That same evening, Ashoka Arab World will also introduce 10 new Ashoka Fellows! Our Fellows are chosen after a rigorous search and selection process.  Ashoka Arab World will invest in our 10 new Fellows, providing them with the resources necessary to build a stronger civil society in their respective communities.

The Forum’s second day will feature 3 roundtables.  Check out what the great thinkers and leaders have to say on:

1)      Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship (moderated by Ahmed Younis, Gallup and Silatech)

2)      Developing a Social Investment Framework (moderated by Adam Said, Ace and Co, the Act on 8 Foundation)

3)      Market-Based Solutions (moderated by Dr. Dale Murphy, the Dubai School of Government)

The Ashoka Arab World (AAW) Cairo office has been a beehive of activity in its effort to organize the conference and raise awareness about the development of social entrepreneurship in the region!  We are happy to say that our work is paying off.

Yesterday, AWSIF received another pledge of support; the King Abdullah II Fund for Development offered to sponsor the round table on Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Most exciting of all, Dr Iman Bibars will leave this week for Washington, D.C., to meet President Obama!  As Director of Ashoka Arab World and Vice-President of Ashoka Global, Dr Iman has been selected as a delegate and panelist speaker at the April 26-27 Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship. Dr. Bibars will be one of only 300 delegates chosen worldwide (150 delegates from outside of the United States), and one of the 30 panelists.

The Summit was announced during President Barack Obama’s June 4th speech at Cairo, and will highlight common ground and shared goals between the United States and the Muslim-majority countries (MMC).  Visit the Summit’s website.

The Summit will celebrate ties between the U.S. and the Arab World.  American and MMC leaders will identify ways to further strengthen ties between businesses, foundations, and social entrepreneurs bridging the two sides of the Atlantic.

Ashoka Arab World sits at the center of these ties between the American and Arab communities.   Ashoka Arab World is the regional office of Ashoka Global, which was founded at Washington, D.C., in 1983.

Today, AAW invests in projects for social change in over half-a-dozen countries in the Arab region, including: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, and the Palestinian Territories.  We couldn’t be happier to see that President Obama’s administration shares our belief in the power of social entrepreneurship to empower citizens and to build a vibrant civil society across countries!

What better prelude to AWSIF than the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship!

Bon voyage Dr. Iman!

More information:

–          Read AAW’s latest newsletter

–          Visit Ashoka Arab World’s website

–          Visit the official Arab World Social Innovation Forum site

–          Follow us on Twitter @AshokaArabWorld

–          Check out our Facebook pages, for Ashoka Arab World and for AWSIF


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