Ever had a 3ajjour before?

Common snack at El Deyaba Village: Ajjour

In contrast to our commonly known “Atta”- El Deyaba village in El Minya, calls it “3ajjour” as was happily provided by one of the fishermen there. El Deyaba is one of the small villages outside El Minya, one of the many representing the fishing communities there.

Deyaba fisherman using safe nets for fishing

In Egypt, when one thinks of fishermen, they often think of those in Alexandria, or the Nile delta, yet El Deyaba presents a live example of the fishermen community in Upper Egypt. The NGO working there, through the work of Ashoka fellow Maher Bushra, aims at spreading awareness of safe fishing practices, providing caricatures for fishermen and different trainings there and in Alexandria.

A fishing area with the fisherman's feluccas

A tiny village, it is, with a breathtaking view of the Nile, unbounded by buildings, just tiny houses, in response to my comment to one of the fishermen that they lived in a beautiful place, he just said “it’s just very poor”. It is one of the places targeted by our Housing for All initiative providing loans for low cost housing projects.

A view from one of the houses of the Nile and the green fields surrounding it

It’s a place where the moment you enter, you’re surrounded by the kids, running around you, singing and clapping their hands, their chief happily posing for us, letting us enter their houses and meet the people, sharing their life with you, untarnished by pollution, technology or the fast pace of life.

Some kids from the village happily posing for the camera

El Deyaba- as small as it is, is just one shining spot along our beloved Nile, the people’s simplicity humbles you, and makes you appreciate the small things in life.

You can find out more about Ashoka Fellow Maher Bushra by checking out his profile on the Ashoka Website:



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