M’hammed Abbad Andaloussi…. Ballin Outrageous.

Ashoka Fellow M’hammed Abbad Andaloussi was recently invited on stage with none other than Bill Clinton himself while at this years Clinton Global Initiative conference. 



Wael Hmaidan on Saida Trash Problem

Ashoka Fellow Wael Hmaidan is featured here in this news report on cleaning up the trash dumps on Lebanon’s Coast. 

The Lebanese city of Saida is known for its historic ruins dating to the 5th century BC. It also is known for its giant garbage dump, which residents call “trash mountain.”  The mountain has grown steadily for more than 30 years, and city residents, tourists and environmentalists say it is a growing source of frustration to them.

You can check out the whole article (AND VIDEO!!!) over at Voa News.

Naseej Egypt Closure Celebration Event

Ashoka Fellow Azza Kamel’s “Alwan wa Awatr” organization will be participating in this terrific event.  Don’t miss out.  THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

The program starts at 4 pm with different interesting and interactive activities for Children. Children are welcome to play and learn with OzOz Osama Helmy the prominent Origami artist.
Alwan & Awatr NGO and Oyoon Art Group in their booths are welcoming children to play, paint and draw……. also pottery workshops are open for children to play and train.

By 6 pm start two puppet theater performances, Maza Ya7doth Law by youth volunteer of EASER and Al Argouz by youth volunteers of Egyptian Association of Societal Consolidation.

From 7 pm until 10.30 starts theatrical and musical performances„ by Alwan &Awtar children telling Ana el Heyia„, followed by EASER’s youth theater sketches Aya Khedaa„, and while youth of Bahri from Eskendrella NGO project Ibn el Bald will tell Stories from Bahri.
Ibn el Bald Musical Band will end the day by songs from the heritage of Said Darwish who was born in Koum el Dekka the neighborhood that Ibn el Bald group come from.

Living space: housing solutions for developing nations


An interesting article by Sarah Murray in the Financial Times about Ashoka’s Housing For All Program

Published: September 7 2010 18:33 | Last updated: September 7 2010 18:33

When a group of specialists from Tata Group was developing low-income homes for Indian city dwellers, its designers did something unusual – they went to look at the very houses they sought to replace.

“In the slums, people live in one room,” says Rajeeb Dash, head of marketing and product development at Tata Housing, part of the Indian conglomerate that last year began selling the Nano, the world’s cheapest car. “But we saw that at night they use a wooden platform to create a mezzanine floor, so a 150-square-foot room suddenly becomes two rooms. It is very creative.”…………….

“Business needs the citizen sector,” says Valeria Budinich, director of the Housing for All programme at Ashoka. “Most business teams in building material companies have no clue about the specific needs in communities that build homes one room at a time.”

You can read the whole article on the Financial Times Website

Geotourism Challenge 2010:Places on the Edge – Saving Coastal and Freshwater Destinations

Competition News

Ashoka’s Changemakers, National Geographic and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) are launching a search for innovative solutions for coastal, waterway, and island destinations that protect the environment and strengthen the heritage and livelihoods of local residents.

The competition launches September 8, 2010. Submit your solutions, or nominate a project, in this competition to help save coastal and freshwater destinations.

Prizes: The top three entries will win US $5,000 each. The best two entries submitted by 6pm EST, October 20, 2010 will be eligible to each win US $500.

Stay tuned!

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more info HERE

A New Alliance For Global Change: Harvard Business Review

Recently Ashoka’s own Bill Drayton and Valeria Budinich wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review about the future of Social Entrepreneurship and the importance of Hybrid Value Chains. 

Artwork: Josh Keyes, Burst I, 2009, acrylic on panel, 30" x 80" (via Harvard Business Review)

You can read an excerpt from the article here.  To access the full article you must subscribe to  the Harvard Business Review (which we would recommend, it is an inspiring read)


Changemaker Competition: Patients Choices Empowerment


Competition News
The Amgen Foundation is supporting the Patients| Choices| Empowerment competition with Ashoka’s Changemakers to answer the question of how we can elevate patients’ voices to improve health outcomes globally.

Submit your solutions, or nominate a project, in this challenge that empowers patients to make decisions with confidence and clarity, in concert with people who care and can help.

Prizes: Enter before the competition deadline of 5PM EDT on September 29, 2010 and you may be one of three winners that receive USD $10,000 to advance your project.

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To find out more and to enter the competition go to: http://www.changemakers.com/en-us/empower-patient