Living space: housing solutions for developing nations


An interesting article by Sarah Murray in the Financial Times about Ashoka’s Housing For All Program

Published: September 7 2010 18:33 | Last updated: September 7 2010 18:33

When a group of specialists from Tata Group was developing low-income homes for Indian city dwellers, its designers did something unusual – they went to look at the very houses they sought to replace.

“In the slums, people live in one room,” says Rajeeb Dash, head of marketing and product development at Tata Housing, part of the Indian conglomerate that last year began selling the Nano, the world’s cheapest car. “But we saw that at night they use a wooden platform to create a mezzanine floor, so a 150-square-foot room suddenly becomes two rooms. It is very creative.”…………….

“Business needs the citizen sector,” says Valeria Budinich, director of the Housing for All programme at Ashoka. “Most business teams in building material companies have no clue about the specific needs in communities that build homes one room at a time.”

You can read the whole article on the Financial Times Website


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