Naseej Egypt Closure Celebration Event

Ashoka Fellow Azza Kamel’s “Alwan wa Awatr” organization will be participating in this terrific event.  Don’t miss out.  THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

The program starts at 4 pm with different interesting and interactive activities for Children. Children are welcome to play and learn with OzOz Osama Helmy the prominent Origami artist.
Alwan & Awatr NGO and Oyoon Art Group in their booths are welcoming children to play, paint and draw……. also pottery workshops are open for children to play and train.

By 6 pm start two puppet theater performances, Maza Ya7doth Law by youth volunteer of EASER and Al Argouz by youth volunteers of Egyptian Association of Societal Consolidation.

From 7 pm until 10.30 starts theatrical and musical performances„ by Alwan &Awtar children telling Ana el Heyia„, followed by EASER’s youth theater sketches Aya Khedaa„, and while youth of Bahri from Eskendrella NGO project Ibn el Bald will tell Stories from Bahri.
Ibn el Bald Musical Band will end the day by songs from the heritage of Said Darwish who was born in Koum el Dekka the neighborhood that Ibn el Bald group come from.


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