Zikra Initiative Biogas Workshop!

Ashoka Fellow Rabee Zureikat’s Zikra Initiative will be holding a workshop on their Biogas waste/energy system on Monday. Check out the facebook event for more info.   Looks awesome!


Litter accumulation & disposing large amounts of organic material is considered a problem that leads to soil , water & air pollution , increased global warming , reproduction of insects & rats , and the spread of diseases.

By using anaerobic bacteria to utilize organic waste which produces Methane , organic fertilizer & alternative energy source in an environmentally safe methods , we have what is called Biogas.

The benefits of producing biogas exceed the disposition of waste – which is in itself a feature to be reckoned with- :

* It is a safer, non-toxic alternative choice to regular energy sources .

* Biogas generators can produce electrical energy.

* Biogas does not need filtering or processing , its byproduct consist of Carbon Dioxide and water vapor , which does not cause pollution .

* Has the smell of natural gas, its colorless and nontoxic.

In exchange for JD 50 that will help generate funding for the micro-loan program for the locals of Ghor Al-Mazra’a, you will be able to join us in a workshop about Biogas conducted by Mr.Hanna Fathi from Eygpt, you will also be able to help us build a unit that utilizes waste , generates biogas and produces cooking gas and electricity.

A certificate of completion shall be handed out to participants at the end of the course.

We will be arranging 3 workshops, On October 18th, 19th & the 20th , so you will be able to join us at the day of your convenience .Workshop session will take place between 10 am – 3 pm each day.

Contact us at Zikrajordan@gmail.com for registration & further information about the meeting spots, the workshop & the location, hurry, we have limited places.

Please note that participants need to provide their own transportation.

Zikra’s eco-project of the year 2010 is sponsored by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation

To learn more about the Zikra Initiative, please visit our website:



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