Volunteer with an Ashoka Fellow in Jordan!!!!


Mohammed Abu Amerah is recreating the tightly knit social fabric of the Arab society, torn apart by rapid urban expansion and the consequent shift in focus from the community to self-interests. He is reviving the traditional and cultural concept of the old harra (neighborhood) and what it represents as a space for community participation, mutual respect, and protection for vulnerable groups. He is recreating the social and economic fabric of the harra by fostering interdependence in the community to solve the problems which have arisen because of modernization, namely anonymity, neglect of public spaces, and lack of safety nets.


Description of Volunteer Opportunity


Mohammed’s Harra is a unique initiative in the Levant region, and has wide-spread relevance in the Arab World. Mohammed envisions Harra as a communal development model for developing countries, particularly when community erosion is the result of unplanned, rapid urban expansion, re-establishing a balance between urbanization, environmental health, communal well-being, and neighborly cooperation.

You can help revive the Harra by filling any one of these crucial roles:

  • Urban Planner
  • Landscaper
  • Community Developer
  • Microcredit Program Officer
  • Volunteer Consultant (conducting feasibility studies)
  • English, Arabic, Math or IT Instructor and/or Curriculum Developer
  • PR Specialist and Marketer
  • Networking and Fundraising Consultant
  • Proposal Writer

This is a fantastic opportunity to be on the ground in an interesting and wonderful country, getting to know its people, their customs and building a true, sustainable community model for any number of places in the Middle East and beyond. 



Dates:   Immediately for English teachers; September for other roles: 1-12 months, 2-5 hours/day

Required Skills and Experience:

Arabic and/or English;

Background and/or experience in:


  • Urban Planning
  • Landscaping
  • Community Development (family engagement)]
  • Microcredit
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Sustainable Solid Waste Management
  • Teaching English, Arabic, Math, IT and developing the corresponding curriculum
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising and Grant Proposal Writing



Compensation:   No

Housing:   Possibly

Family housing in the Harra; local housing available for about $200 per month.

Contact Mohammed Abu Amerah abuamerahm@consultant.com


Click Here for more details on this volunteer opportunity



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