The Ashoka Innovation Network: Social Entrepreneurship for Education


The Ashoka Innovation Network (AIN) is a forum for early-to mid-career professionals who have a passion for social change and an interest in social entrepreneurship.

AIN convenes Egypt’s leading business and social entrepreneurs in informal gatherings to foster innovation and idea sharing and to promote the idea of “Everyone a Changemaker.”

AIN events are an opportunity for young professionals to network with like-minded individuals and bridge the business/social divide by learning ways to leverage their professional skills to achieve social impact.

This month’s AIN event will focus on the idea of using Social Entrepreneurship to improve Egypt’s education sector. The event will feature talks and round-table discussions led by Ashoka Arab World Fellows Azza Kamel (Alwan wa Awtar) and Maged Hosny (IDSC), as well as AIN Challenge winners Educate-Me.

Come and network, learn, discuss, and be a Changemaker.

Space is limited, and in order to attend the event YOU MUST RSVP TO:

for more information visit the event page on Facebook


One comment on “The Ashoka Innovation Network: Social Entrepreneurship for Education

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