The Ashoka Innovation Network presents: The Ashoka Open House


Ashoka Arab World would like to invite you to its “Open House” on Saturday, October 1st at the Flameco Hotel in Zamalek, Cairo.

Come find out how YOU can be a “Champion”, a Volunteer, an Intern or Staff candidate and use your skills to help Ashoka maximize the impact of our initiatives both in Egypt and throughout the region.

10:30am -1:00pm: Open House

Come talk with Ashoka staff and Fellows about how you can get involved with Ashoka’s initiatives.  Help us spread the message of “Everyone a Changemaker.”

1:00 pm: Q/A

A group Question and Answer session with Ashoka Arab World regional director and Vice President of Ashoka Global, Dr. Iman Bibars.

What is an Ashoka “Champion”?

An Ashoka Champion is someone who is committed to promoting Ashoka’s mission of “Everyone a Changemaker”.  A Champion devotes a significant amount of their free time monthly towards advocating, spreading the word, and assisting a specific Ashoka initiative, whether it is AIN, Collaborative Platforms, WISE, or any other of our current projects.  A Champion is most likely a young professional who while employed in a separate field, has a passion and commitment to social entrepreneurship and being a “Changemaker”. Champions play a critical role in maximizing the impact of Ashoka’s initiatives.

What is an Ashoka Volunteer?

An Ashoka volunteer has a passion for changemaking and social entrepreneurship. Volunteering with Ashoka is a way to get involved with Ashoka initiatives without the same significant time and energy commitment that being a “Champion” would entail.  A volunteer works with Ashoka to craft a schedule and deliverable outcomes of their volunteering within various Ashoka projects.  This can involve advocacy, collaborative platforms, WISE, AIN, outreach, translation, consulting, or many other needs that Ashoka has throughout our numerous projects.

For more information please visit the facebook page for the event: 

Saturday, Oct 1st

Flamenco Hotel, Zamalek, Cairo





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