Ashoka Arab World 2011 Annual Report

Ashoka Arab World 2011 Annual Report

We would like to invite you to read the 2011 Ashoka Arab World Annual Report. The report outlines our work during the past year, our achievements, challenges we faced, and the work that we do each day to build the world that we all saw was possible during this past year.

Since 2003, Ashoka Arab World has positively affected over 12 million people in the Arab World. To find out how check out the 2011 Annual Report. Discover what it means to be a social entrepreneur and what Ashoka’s support can do.

In 2011, a year of challenges and opportunities, Ashoka continued working towards a future where everyone has the power to change their own lives and build better communities a world where Everyone is A Changemaker™ .

We witnessed the revolutions of 2011 which represent people’s desire to shape their own lives and build a better world and we are dedicated to this vision: A vision where everyone feels their own power to make change and turns their energy towards building a better future. More than ever, we see the need to catalyze innovation for social good and spread a tolerant and empathetic perspective towards social change.

We are thrilled to share the story of Ashoka Arab World with you today. Get to know Ashoka Arab World, get to be a Changemaker!!


The Ashoka Arab World Team


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