Ashoka Innovation Network (AIN), it is an entrepreneurship hub that exhibits the growing power and influence of social entrepreneurs in the Arab world. AIN has been a valuable opportunity to showcase  achievements and impact of social entrepreneurs and to inspire more people, from across the sectors to engage, co-create and benefit from the social entrepreneurship platform. AIN hosts periodical forums under different themes and target specific audiences each time.

The AIN provides the opportunity to explore the concept of social entrepreneurship and its added value for society, business and public sectors. Organized periodically in the form of thematic forums and engagement opportunities, AIN presents how social innovators make a difference across various sectors.

On the 25th of June, Ashoka is holding 6th AIN Forum, this time organized under the theme of Corporate Engagement with Social Entrepreneurship. The event will present some of the leading examples of partnerships and collaborations between CSOs and businesses, social-business ventures and social enterprises, and will create a space for discussion to share the key successes, challenges, learning points and needs to further enhance the social-business bridge. We aim at shifting the thinking in Egypt from charity to sustainable development, and showcasing innovations where business and civil sectors are equal partners, building on synergies and providing value to each other.

The confirmed speakers from the event include representatives from Hilti Corporation, Google, Alashanek Ya Balady and Ashoka.

If you are interested in social entrepreneurship and Innovation…
If you are interested in business-social models…
If you are a business or a social entrepreneur…
If you have a business organization and interested in positive social impact…
If you view social projects as a successful and sustainable investment…
If you think there are benefits and opportunities from business and social sector partnerships beyond charity donations… 

Join the AIN forum on “Corporate Engagement with Social Entrepreneurship” – Please RSVP by filling the following form:

Or send us on

Ashoka Innovation Network (AIN) Forum – “Corporate Engagement with Social Entrepreneurship”


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