Who we are | Ashoka Arab World


Launched in 2003 in Cairo, Egypt, Ashoka Arab World (AAW) is built on collaboration and is reworking the way we address social challenges by supporting social entrepreneurship in the region. The AAW community is made up of social entrepreneurs, business organizations, innovators and changemaking individuals who come together for mutual benefit and harvest the returns for the community with the aim of building an Everyone a Changemaker™ society.

Rather than leaving societal needs only to the government or business sectors, our Ashoka Fellows find what is not working and solve the problem by changing the system.

AAW currently has 64 Fellows, in 7 Arab countries (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia). We empower these social entrepreneurs by supporting their work in various sectors: environment, housing, health, children and youth, education, civic engagement, gender parity, job creation and income generation.








AAW sources the best social innovations, mobilizes thousands of people to create change, and enables businesses, the media, policy-makers and Changemakers to work together to solve some of the world’s most urgent social challenges.

Through its Fellows, AAW seeks to create a better world, developing a positive social impact on the local communities it serves. Currently, we are developing an array of new initiatives to engage all citizens with Ashoka.


Our Focus | Social Entrepreneurship


Social Entrepreneurship is creating innovative replicable solutions to society’s most pressing social issues, that then leads to sustainable wide-scale changes on the ground.

AAW promotes the concept of social entrepreneurship in the region by: (1) Identifying and electing social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows, and (2) supporting our Ashoka Fellows with stipends, technical assistance, consulting, and the resources they need to scale up their positive impact on society.



Our Work | Ashoka Arab World Initiatives


The Global Diaspora (GD) Initiative is focused on creating large-scale social change by enabling investors, entrepreneurs and influencers from different diaspora groups to engage with Ashoka and its initiatives as partners, particularly those in their regions of origin.

Women’s Initiative for Social Entrepreneurship (WISE), is a program aimed at fostering social entrepreneurship among young women, addressing the challenges that prevent many women in the Arab region from becoming social entrepreneurs, and combating specific challenges faced by existing women social entrepreneurs.

Collaborative Platforms (CP) are where Ashoka Fellows, top social innovators, experts and organizations work together under the same area of focus to consolidate their efforts, each contributing her/his unique expertise in order to together scale up and increase social impact across the Arab World.

Ashoka Innovation Network (AIN) is a physical platform that showcases the power of social innovation to drive positive systemic change. AIN is a place to learn about new ideas, trends and solutions from the most successful individuals and organizations involved in social innovation and to share the benefits and ways of getting involved.

Our international team in Cairo supports global change for the greater good and works to build a community without borders where everyone can be a Changemaker. Engage with Ashoka.


For more information, visit our website www.ashoka-arab.org, our Facebook page Ashoka Arab World, or follow us on Twitter @AshokaArabWorld ,  

You can write to us as well at ljaimes@ashoka.org


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