Ashoka Arab World Newly Elected Fellows

Ashoka Arab World has the pleasure of announcing our newly elected Fellows from the 18th Regional Panel conducted in November 2012. Candidates who participate in a panel have an unparalleled opportunity to contribute with their expertise and vision to new fields of social advancement in the Arab world. Fellows are elected according to five stringent criteria: A New Idea, Creativity, Entrepreneurial Quality, Social Impact of the Idea, and Ethical Fiber. For the last ten years, 18 Regional Panels were conducted in the Arab World, where various public figures in different fields volunteered their time and effort to select 75 Arab fellows from 7 Arab countries.

Our Newly elected Fellows are:

Amani El-Tunsi; is empowering women to overcome difficult life challenges by creating a safe space to talk about taboo subjects and providing women with tools and resources to make changes.

Eric Maddox; is breaking cultural barriers in conflict areas of the Middle East by virtually connecting organizations and individuals to mediate cross-cultural and intra-cultural differences and form valuable connections that bridge those differences and fuel concrete community based initiatives.

Khalid Al-Khudair; is enhancing the role of women in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area by carving out new professional work opportunities for women and leading the way towards the integration of Saudi women into the workforce.

Laila Rizkallah; is working with children, parents, teachers, and social workers to build a society that rejects sexual abuse by criminalizing it in the minds of Egyptians and establishing preventative measures for children.

Nawal Moustafa; is changing the perception of female prisoners and their children while being the first to shed light on an unseen population-“poverty prisoners.” She is improving prison conditions and changing the policies to help rehabilitate former inmate women and children back into society.

Waleed Shawky; is altering the culture of medicine waste by creating the first system in Egypt for collecting, sorting, and distributing medicine that would otherwise be thrown away by individuals and pharmaceutical companies.

Our 6 newly elected Fellows are now part of a global network of Ashoka Fellows (over 3,000 worldwide) and have access to an international pool of social entrepreneurs and a diverse set of professionals who can support them in scaling up their social impact. Ashoka offers Social Entrepreneurs opportunities to develop and grow their ideas through Ashoka’s Fellowship program. It does so through stipends and professional services that allow Ashoka Fellows to focus full time on their ideas for leading social change.

For More Information contact:

Iman Bibars, Ph.D.

Vice President, Ashoka

Regional Director, Ashoka Arab World

93 Abdel Aziz Al Saud, Apt. 1, 7th Floor

El Manial

Cairo, Egypt

Tel: Tel: (+202) 25328586 – 23655336 – 25314775 – 25314779

Fax: (+202) 32654404


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