Ashoka Arab World and the Ford Foundation: New Partnership


Ashoka Arab World is proud to announce our new partnership with the Ford Foundation in Egypt.

The violence that erupted across Egypt recently exposed many young people to much more brutality and intolerance than previously experienced. Physical and armed conflicts between different social, political and religious groups were common, resulting in many lives being lost. Hatred and animosity to others is something that the youngest members of the community have been heavily exposed to and the threat of them accepting these violent models of behavior has become real. 

Ashoka Arab World and the Ford Foundation thus sees this as a crucial time to begin implementing educational projects which instill values of empathy and creative problem-solving among children. The project, which falls under the larger Ashoka Empathy movement has one main goal: to empower public school students with: leadership skills, innovative thinking, ability to work in teams, tolerance, compassion and understanding for others. The project aims to do this by organizing school teams to cultivate empathy and enable behavior change by implementing useful and adaptable tools. 

The Project is due to launch in January 2014.


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