Meet icecairo – AAW Fellowship Nominators

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Adam Berry Molyneaux – Social Entrepreneur, Founder –  icecairo
Muhammad Radwan – Co-Founder and Space Manager – icecairo

icecairo is a network, both physical and virtual, that can be leveraged to focus the brilliance of the Egyptian community of innovators, academia, technical experts, private sector and civil society on to the environmental challenges that Egyptians face. By convening workshops and labs around these specific challenges, the Icecairo community is able to identify possible solutions and through the use of the fablab’s rapid prototyping machinery and the icecommunity, create and evolve these solutions as real world green products. By looking at what has worked elsewhere, adapting it to the Egyptian context and prototyping it, icecairo is able to pioneer solutions that become business


Meet Mariam Jashmidi, Founder of Muftah – AAW Fellowship Nominator is a digital magazine on the Middle East and North Africa which features new perspectives and analysis that eschew Western stereotypes and highlight the internal dynamics affecting and shaping people and countries in the region.

Meet Endeavor Egypt – AAW Fellowship Nominator


Endeavor is a global non-profit organization that is credited with pioneering the concept of “high-impact entrepreneurship” in emerging and growth markets around the world. Our mission is to “lead the global movement to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best High-Impact Entrepreneurs around the world.”

High-Impact Entrepreneurs are those who create thriving companies that employ hundreds, even thousands of people, generate millions in wages and revenues and have the power to inspire countless others as leading role models. Together, these entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth in developing markets. Although High Impact Entrepreneurs dream of becoming the next great success story, they are faced with considerable barriers to growth in their emerging countries.

Endeavor supports these entrepreneurs and helps them unleash their potential by providing an unrivaled network of seasoned business leaders and industry experts in addition to an array of local and global services designed to provide the key ingredients to entrepreneurial success.

Endeavor’s ever expanding network currently spans 20 countries, supporting 888 high impact entrepreneurs from 569 companies. Endeavor launched in Egypt in 2010 and continues to grow and strengthen its local network. We currently support 21 Entrepreneurs from established businesses such as Diwan Bookstores, Azza Fahmy, TA Telecom, Al Sagheer Group and many more.

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Ashoka Arab World has Launched “Ashoka Arab World Street Children Initiative”


Since the launching of our “Ashoka Arab World Street Children Initiative” in January 2014, a set of activities have been concluded. The initiative’s goals are to: 1) improve the capacities of organizations responsible for protecting street children’s rights, 2) equip street children with knowledge and skills to empower them, and 3) mobilize its resources and expertise to partner with the communities in changing the negative public perception of street children.

As part of the initiative, a sector mapping of shelters and reception facilities designed run by local NGOs targeting street children was conducted.  Key informant interviews were conducted with administration from different NGOs that have shelters that receive street children in order to provide better understanding of the main issues, concerns and challenges related to the Street Children phenomenon.

This initiative is part of AWW Collaborative Platform which is based on the collaboration of Ashoka fellows around a common aim, in this case to improve the position of street children in Egyptian society. The three fellows working on this initiative are: Reda Shoukry, Maged Hosny and Sany Kouzman.