Meet Endeavor Egypt – AAW Fellowship Nominator


Endeavor is a global non-profit organization that is credited with pioneering the concept of “high-impact entrepreneurship” in emerging and growth markets around the world. Our mission is to “lead the global movement to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best High-Impact Entrepreneurs around the world.”

High-Impact Entrepreneurs are those who create thriving companies that employ hundreds, even thousands of people, generate millions in wages and revenues and have the power to inspire countless others as leading role models. Together, these entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth in developing markets. Although High Impact Entrepreneurs dream of becoming the next great success story, they are faced with considerable barriers to growth in their emerging countries.

Endeavor supports these entrepreneurs and helps them unleash their potential by providing an unrivaled network of seasoned business leaders and industry experts in addition to an array of local and global services designed to provide the key ingredients to entrepreneurial success.

Endeavor’s ever expanding network currently spans 20 countries, supporting 888 high impact entrepreneurs from 569 companies. Endeavor launched in Egypt in 2010 and continues to grow and strengthen its local network. We currently support 21 Entrepreneurs from established businesses such as Diwan Bookstores, Azza Fahmy, TA Telecom, Al Sagheer Group and many more.

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