Fellowship Officer

Create a growing and vibrant Ashoka Fellowship community in the Arab region which enables our Fellows to maximize their reach and deepen their impact. Additionally, foster collaborations among Ashoka Fellows. For detailed job description, click here.


8 comments on “Fellowship Officer

  1. Hello Ahmed,

    As it is mentioned in the TOR:

    “How to apply:
    Interested candidates should kindly send their application package at: recruiting@ashoka-arab.org with “Fellowship Officer” in the subject line.
    Application package should include:
    1- An updated resume in a pdf format.
    2- A cover letter explaining why you are interested in Ashoka and why you fit with our hiring criteria.
    3- A writing sample, something that you previously wrote entirely by yourself, in English on any topic of interest and that is not less than one pager.”

    Good Luck!
    AAW Media Team

  2. Dear Sara,

    It is mentioned in the last line that “For detailed job description, click here.” So, kindly click on here and you will find the application.

    Good luck!
    AAW Media team

  3. Hello ,
    actually i tried to click on “here” link but it didn’t work so pleas tell me what can i do ?
    thanks .

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