Street Children Collaborative Platform Series of Training of Trainers (TOT)


Since the launching of the Ashoka Arab World “Street Children Collaborative Platform”, a set of activities has been concluded. One of the initiative’s objectives is to improve the capacity building of the organizations working with street children. So, by working closely with three of Ashoka Fellows and partnering organizations, Ashoka has conducted the first series of Training of Trainers (TOT) to the staff of at least 6 organizations who are directly working with street children.

These trainings aimed to build a team of trainers from the social workers & care givers of the participating NGOs and provide them with the skills and confidence needed to provide training and consultation for staff in their organizations, and sharing of expertise in their community of collaboration as well as with other organizations. This strategy will ensure sustainability of what have been achieved and institutionalize past experiences.

The training targeted staff from local NGOs directly working with street children mainly social workers/ care givers who have a good working experience in such field. This series of trainings was divided into two parts:

The first part consisted of a 3 day introductory training that provided general information on street children phenomenon in Egypt and the essential skills and knowledge trainers need to know to function in such field.

The second part consisted of 3 specialized training sessions on 3 different topics; which started with:

  1. Three-day intensive Training of Trainers focusing on providing information and skills on basic health services and medical assistance led by Ashoka Fellow Sany Kouzman; during which the training aimed to increase the participants’ awareness and knowledge on basic health services and on prevention of STD’s and gender sensitivity, including identifying and handling cases of sexual abuse;
  2. Four-day intensive Training of Trainers on psychological and emotional support to children– developing empathic skills of trainers and their ability to transmit skills of empathy to street children. This training was led by Dr Mohamed Ramadan with the cooperation of Ashoka Fellow Reda Shoukry;
  3. Three-day intensive Training of Trainers on methods to distill the potential street children have for different vocations led by Ashoka Fellow Maged Hosny; where the 3 day training aimed to equip trainers to work with children on discovering their skills and talents, and teach trainers to organize workshops and events for the children to discover their personal qualities.

A number of 22 participants have attended the training stimulating discussions and sharing their work experiences with children working/living on the streets. A handout manual will be distributed later on the participants on the subjects discussed to be used as a basic for facilitation.

To know more about the Street Children Collaborative Platform, Click here.


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